We offer a wide variety of services for everyone from the experienced gardeners to the green thumbs…

Our goal is to build or plant just about anything you & your taste buds desire!

Garden Installs

We believe that an amazing garden begins with a quality built raised bed and nutrient rich soil. Therefore, we offer Garden Installs as a way for you to get BOTH! This is a great service for those who don’t have any garden infrastructure at all OR for the gardeners who need a little more planting space.

Raised Bed Construction

Quality leads to longevity, so we use 4″x4″ cedar lumber instead of the typical 2″x6″ lumber in the construction of our beds.  The lumber we use resists warping, stands up to the elements, and provides a solid support structure.

Starting @ $75/ hour + supplies

Gardening in South Texas can prove to be a challenge with all of the wildlife, so don’t worry- we have you covered! Literally. Also, some yards don’t have any shade at all- and in Texas, your plants need a break from the sun just like you do if you would like to extend their growing season. We provide a few choices when it comes to enclosing your garden space and protecting against the elements & unwanted garden visitors. Oh and did we mention custom trellises?!

  • Retractable Hoop Housing
  • Shade Cloth attachments
  • Steel Fencing
  • A-Frame style enclosures
  • Pergolas and custom trellises
  • If you find a picture of something online, we can mimic that too!

We also offer pathways & borders around your garden…

  • River Pebble
  • Cedar, Black, Red, or Rubber Mulch
  • Crushed Granite
  • Stepping Stones w/ one of the above options
  • Flagstone
  • Again, if you have a picture or something in mind you don’t see above…we will try our best to match!

Pricing for all the “add ons” will be given at the time of estimate based on garden size and the options discussed.

Soil Installation

We only use the best products for our gardens, and the soil we have chosen is the best on the market. We acknowledge that the price seems high, but we truly believe that you get what you pay for. We promise that we have picked the good stuff! Fox Farm products make for a great garden base that won’t leave you with your plants down!

Pricing for soil is determined by every 2 cubic ft. Special pricing when purchasing 1 pallet (40 bags) or more!

Garden Overhauls

Already have a garden or area that you have given up on or has the season just ended? For those abandoned or overgrown gardens that are yearning to come back to life, this service will help do just that! We will get your garden back to tip-top shape and ready for planting!

This service is great for seasonal prep too!

Our Garden Planting & Maintenance Service requires a garden overhaul before any planting or maintenance can begin IF the garden is deemed unmanageable at the consultation.

Starting at $75/ hour + supply costs

Overhaul includes:

  • Organic removal of ALL weeds, grass, and unwanted plant matter
  • Revitalize your garden soil & amend as needed needed
  • Trim pathways & area around the garden space
  • Prepping of the space for seasonal planting

    Garden Maintenance

We know keeping up with an edible garden isn’t easy. Therefore, we offer a month-to-month program in which a skilled gardener visits your garden to maintain your crops all year-round! You can even schedule the weekly visits for when your home so you can learn and take notes! Whether you have containers or raised beds- we’ll find a maintenance plan that works for you and your plants!

1 garden check per month= $0.50/sq.ft
1 garden check every other week= $0.75/sq.ft.
1 check every week= $1.50/sq.ft.

There is a $50/ month minimum. (Container gardening maintenance will be priced per container quantity and size at time of consultation.)

*Residential accounts are billed every 1st of the month & commercial accounts are billed every 15th.

*As of February 2018, ALL invoices are a net 15, meaning they are due in full within 15 days of the invoice date & require at least 15 days notice to cancel your next month, otherwise you will be billed automatically until we are notified.

Every visit includes:

  • Harvest of kitchen-ready produce (optional, that’s the fun part of gardening..so we understand if you want to do that yourself!)
  • Adding supports & cages to any plants that may need it
  • Routine garden clean-up
  • Weed & prune
  • Fertilize & add soil amendments by Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizer Company & other organic products
  • Pest control utilizing organic sprays if necessary
  • Add mulch and soil as needed
  • Replace and maintain pathway medium as needed if there is one
  • Drip irrigation check-up
  • Mid season plant replacement for various reasons; freeze, disease, harvested a determinate crop and still have time in current season to grow something else, etc.
  • Year-round garden planning for upcoming seasons
  • 25% or less of the garden can be flowers or inedible plants because we know we have to keep the bees around somehow!
    *All cages, plankets, and other supplies used in your garden by us during your maintenance membership is property of Uprooted Gardens. If for any reason you need to cancel your maintenance membership, you will have the choice to either return our property to us, rent the supplies out from us at a nominal monthly fee, or purchase them“as-is”.

Having drip irrigation is a non-negotiable for this service!

Drip Irrigation Installation

There’s really no better way to keep your garden watered than with drip irrigation! We can either replace existing sprinkler heads or install a system from your outdoor hose line. Let US help YOU get your plants hydrated properly!

Price is determined by supplies needed, garden size & distance from water source + $50/ hour.

Just a few perks of drip…
  • Saves money on your water bill because your not allowing for evaporation which in minimizes water wasting.
  • We set it on a timer…so it’s almost like a crock pot. Set it and forget it!
  • Allows you to go on vacation and not worry about finding someone to garden-sit for you!
  • No more having to remember when to water, and how much!

*Each install comes with 3-Free Checks within the 1st year of being installed.

Garden Coaching

Already have a garden built and don’t know what to do next? This is a 1-on-1 meeting with you & one of our gardeners at your existing garden space in which we remove the guess work. We have a lot of experience planting edible gardens, and are here to help you decide what to grow and where. This service is best for the gardener who just needs a little help at the beginning of the growing season.

A flat rate of $35/ coaching hour

Consultation includes things like, but not limited to:

  • Identifying your sun and shade areas to determine what to plant where
  • Discuss your planting choices to find the produce you want to grow and how much of it you should plant
  • Pick the best placement for your desired plants and their needs
  • Ensure your drip irrigation is working properly, and will support your garden plans
  • Teach you how to use common organic garden sprays for pests and diseases
  • Show you how to harvest your produce and herbs that are growing
  • Advice for best organic garden practices or design

Find out what you can grow by clicking HERE!

Seasonal Garden Planting 

Whether you know exactly what you want to plant, or have no idea what might grow best where…we are here to help you grow your own food. Get in contact with us today to plan for the next planting season!!

Fall Planting: August-October 

Spring Planting: February-April

$25/ hour + transplants/ seeds & mulch costs

*We strive to source our plants from organic, local nurseries and whole sellers, but if there is something unique you’re looking for…just ask!

*When planting, we use Organic Aromatic Cedar Mulch -OR- Pine Bark Mulch (unless otherwise requested): $5 per 2 cu.ft.

Emergency Garden Help

For existing edible gardens and green-thumbed gardeners, we offer this one-time service to do anything you need to get caught up. We know there are some of you out there that like to do it ALL on your own, but sometimes just need “that one thing” done! Just contact us, let us know exactly what you need done, and we’ll be there so you can spend your time doing what you love in your garden and not what you dread!

$75/ hour + supply costs

Emergency service examples:

  • Adding new soil or composted mulch to existing garden spaces
  • Pathway maintenance & repair
  • Soil turnover & amendment
  • Bug spraying
  • Weed & Prune
  • Repotting of container plants
  • or anything else you can think of that you may need us to do, that you don’t want to!

Texas State Tax of 8.25% will be itemized on each invoice. All other counties will be subject to their own sales tax rate.

We do not charge tax on edible plants.

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